Ford Escort RS Cosworth – Street version specs

Engine Cast iron block, aluminum head construction. Longitudinally mounted.

1994 cm3 , water cooled Cosworth YB series. Garrett AiResearch T35 (T25 post 1994) oil lubricated, water cooled turbo (0.7 bar Max pressure) and intercooler. Mahle forged pistons and heat-treated steel crankshaft and conrods. 2 OHC belt driven and hydraulic tappets. 4 valves per cylinder (45°). Compression ratio 8:1. Oil cooler. Weber-Marelli IAW P8 (Ford EEC IV post 1994) integral engine management (injection and ignition), with 3D cartography. Water to oil heat exchange.

Behr two stage water/air and air/air intercooler.

Max power: 220 Bhp @ 6250 rpm, 290 N/m @ 3500rpm

With T25 turbocharger: 227Bhp @ 5500rpm, 305 Nm @ 2750 rpm
Transmission All wheel drive Ferguson layout. Center and rear viscous couplers. Epicyclical center differential with 34-66 % F/R torque distribution. Final drive ratio 3.62. Five speed fully synchronized gear box (MT75).

Gear ratios - speed at Max RPM:
1:3.608 - 57 Km/h
2:2.082 - 99 Km/h
3:1.363 - 151 Km/h
4:1 - 206 Km/h
5:0.829 - 233 Km/h

Single dry plate power assisted clutch, Ø240mm.

Rack and pinion steering, 2.45 turns lock to lock variable power assistance.
Suspension Front: Independent McPherson struts lower control arm (not triangulated!!), coil springs and Fichtel & Sachs gas shock absorbers, 28mm antiroll bar.

Rear: Independent transverse arms, coil springs and Fichtel & Sachs gas shock absorbers, 22mm antiroll bar.
Brakes Front: Vented disks (278 mm) floating 1 pot calipers.

Rear: Vented Disks (273 mm) floating 1 pot calipers.

Teves ABS (5 sensors).
Chassis Monocoque steel construction.
Wheels/Tires 8"x16" wheels, 225/45ZR16 Pirelli PZero
Dimensions Length: 4211mm

Width: 1738mm

Height: 1360mm

Wheelbase: 2552mm

Front track: 1453mm

Rear track: 1472mm

Laden weight: 1360Kg
Performance (works) 0-100Km/h acceleration: 5.8S

Max speed: 232Km/h

0-1000m acceleration: 25.8S
Notes The car is almost "undrivable" in standard spec. Huge turbo lag, not enough power (compared to the weight) and overboost time as low as 3S are all contributing to the feeling the car could do much more. On top there's no way you can get into overboost unless you keep the gas pedal to the floor and keep it there (a 1mm lift stops the car). I highly recommend a level 1 chip modification which is widely available.

Some cars (in the series with big turbos) suffer from a mismatch between the synchromeshes of the 3rd and 4th gear. When you push to the red line in 3rd or 4th, gear changes cause loud (and unpleasant) noises. These same cars need a silent-bloc upgrade in order to allow proper tyre wear. These is normally covered by the guaranty.

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