My Ford Escort RS Cosworth (2002) specs

Engine Cast iron block, aluminum head construction. Longitudinally mounted. Vibratechnics engine mounts.

Bore: 90.8mm, Stroke: 77mm, 1994 cm3 , water cooled Cosworth YB series. Mahle forged pistons and heat-treated steel crankshaft and conrods. Modified Garrett AiResearch T03/04B oil lubricated, water cooled turbo with gas-flowed turbine housing, 7° cut-back Inconel turbine wheel, Nimonic spindle and 360° thrust bearing (1.5 bar max. pressure/ 1.7 bar in overboost mode). Relocated and upgraded turbo dump valve. 2 OHC belt driven and hydraulic tappets. 4 valves per cylinder (V layout @45°). Sodium filled exhaust valves. Compression ratio 8:1. Champion C 57 C spark plugs. Modified Weber-Marelli IAW P8 integral engine management (injection and ignition), with 3D cartography and ALS (bang-bang). Water to oil heat exchange. Modified engine management and air intake. Mongoose 3" stainless steel exhaust. Modified Bosch 400 light-blue injectors (rate: 437cm3/min) and up-rated fuel pump (delivering 200lt/hour). GroupA YB0611 head gasket. Enhanced 3-way engine oil breather system.

Behr two stage water/air and air/air intercooler.

Max power: approx. 340 Bhp @ 6500 rpm, 440 N/m @ 4000rpm
Transmission All wheel drive Ferguson layout. Up-rated center and rear viscous couplers. Reinforced front differential casing. Epicyclical center differential with 34-66 % F/R torque distribution. Final drive ratio 3.92. Gordon Spooner Engineering built, five speed GroupA based on D.O.M.E. complete gear kit,reinforced, close ratio, fully synchronized gear box using a dogleg, straight-cut 1st gear and semi-helical 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th gears (Sierra Cosworth derived, MT75 based).

Gear ratios - speed at 6500 RPM:
1:2.649 - 73.125 Km/h
2:1.909 - 101.47 Km/h
3:1.515 - 127.87 Km/h
4:1.227 - 157.88 Km/h
5:1 - 193.72 Km/h

Single dry plate power assisted clutch, Ø240mm.

Cam Gears/TRW rack and pinion steering, 2.45 turns lock to lock, variable power assistance.
Suspension Front: Independent McPherson struts lower control arm, coil springs and ProFlex 2-way adjustable gas shock absorbers with remote nitrogen gas reservoirs, urethane bushes, 28mm antiroll bar. Spring rate: 70KN/m Spring length: 270

Rear: Independent transverse arms, relocated (coilovers) coil springs and ProFlex adjustable gas shock absorbers with remote nitrogen gas reservoirs, urethane bushes, 22mm antiroll bar. Spring rate: 36KN/m Spring length: 320

Shocks are separately adjustable for compression/rebound in 21 positions. Currently using 12 "clicks" for rebound and 10 for compression at the front, 11 "clicks" for rebound and 7 for compression at the rear. The ride height is also adjustable.

Altered suspension settings with increased front and rear negative camber. The front wheels use a slightly negative parallelism.
Brakes Front: AP Racing vented floating disks (330 mm and aluminum bell) 4 pot fixed aluminum AP Racing calipers, Mintex 1144 pads. Forced air induction for brake cooling.

Rear: AP Racing vented floating disks (315 mm and aluminum bell) 1 pot floating calipers, carbon-metallic pads.

Teves ABS (5 sensors) switchable.

Stainless steel braided Teflon hoses are used throughout. The front brakes use add-on ducts for forced cooling.
Chassis Monocoque steel construction.
Wheels/Tires 8"x17" Compomotive MO wheels, Pirelli pictureP Zero C 235/45ZR17
Dimensions Length: 4211mm

Width: 1738mm

Height: 1350mm

Wheelbase: 2552mm

Front track: 1496mm

Rear track: 1515mm

Laden weight: 1280Kg (air conditioning removed)
Performance (works) 0-100Km/h acceleration: 4.1Sec
Max speed: 200 Km/h
0-1000m acceleration: 24Sec
Miscellaneous K&N air filter. Reinforced chassis with front and rear strut braces. Additional switch to set a 0.8 Bar max turbo pressure (for reliability reasons)
Notes The car has been developed with s focus on drivability and point to point performance rather than sheer power and acceleration figures.
Compared to the stock version the car is a real joy to drive. No brake fade whatsoever, very low turbo lag time, none with the ALS switched on, lots more power and torque. It can obliterate almost anything on track or open road. More than the sheer acceleration it's the car's road holding abilities that are simply amazing. The close ratio gearbox allows a much easier exploitation of the engine. The stainless steel exhaust is a lot lighter and much less restrictive than the OEM one but very noisy.

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