Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione II Kat, Street version (1993) specs

Engine Cast iron block, aluminum head construction. Transversally mounted.

1995 cm3 84mm bore 90mm stroke, 4 inline cylinders, water cooled. 215 Bhp@5750 rev/min, 308Nm@2500rev/min. Compression ratio 8:1 Garrett AiResearch T03 oil lubricated, water cooled turbo (1.0 bar max. pressure) and intercooler. 2 OHC belt driven. 4 valves per cylinder (65°). Oil cooler. Weber-Marelli IAW integral engine management (injection and ignition). Three way catalytic converter and Lamda sensor
Transmission All wheel drive. Center viscous couplers, reinforced Torsen rear differential. Reinforced epicyclical center differential with 47-53 % F/R torque distribution. Final drive ratio 3.111. Five speed fully synchronized gear box.

Gear ratios / Max.speed@6000RPM:
1st 1:3.5 / 61.39km/h
2nd 1:2.176 / 98.75km/h
3rd 1:1.523 / 141.1km/h
4th 1:1.156 / 185.88km/h
5th 1:0.916 / 234.59km/h
R 1:3.545

Single dry plate clutch, hydraulic operation.

Rack and pinion steering, power assisted, 2.8 turns lock to lock. Extra radiator for the power steering fluid.
Suspension Front: Independent McPherson struts lower triangle, coil springs and hydraulic shock absorbers, anti-roll bar.

Rear: Independent, double transverse arms, longitudinal arm coil springs and hydraulic shock absorbers, anti-roll bar.
Brakes Front: Ventilated disks (28,1 cm) fixed aluminum 4 pot calipers.

Rear: Disks (25,1 cm) floating 1 pot calipers.

Bosch ABS (6 sensors).
Chassis Monocoque steel construction.
Wheels/Tires 7.5"x16" wheels, 205/45ZR16 Pirelli P700z
Dimensions Length: 3898mm

Width: 1767mm

Height: 1365mm (1440mm with the rear spoiler in its upright position)

Wheelbase: 2479mm

Front track: 1506mm

Rear track: 1504mm

Laden weight: 1340Kg
Performance (works) 0-100Km/h acceleration: 5.7S

Max speed: 220Km/h

0-1000m acceleration: 26.1S
Miscellaneous Sunroof is no longer in the list of options, aircon is standard. A different turbo is fitted as compared to the evoluzione I. It provides more torque in low rpm and less lag but its output drops dramatically above 5500rpm.

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