My Lancia Stratos HF Group 4 specs

Engine Ferrari tipo 236 E. Cast iron block, aluminum head construction. Centrally and transversally mounted.

Bore: 93mm, Stroke: 60mm, 2444 cm3 , water cooled Ferrari Dino V6@65°. C.P.S. high compression, forged billet aluminium pistons, heat-treated steel crankshaft 2 piston rings (1 compression, 1 oil). 4 modified (310° duration), high-lift (11mm) OHC, double timing-chain driven, modified chain stretcher mechanism and solid tappets. 2 valves per cylinder (V layout@46°) with dual valve springs. Compression ratio 14:1. Ported and gas-flowed head. 3 twin-throat 48 IDF Weber down-draft carburetors. "Electronic Racing" ignition and uprated coil. Modified distributor using a 3 lobe cam. NGK BP8 EVX spark plugs. Relocated Group 4 alternator driven by inlet camshaft-mounted pulley. Group 4 oil catch tank. Super baffled Group 4 engine oil sump. Group 4 lightened flywheel.

The engine head has been converted to use big valves (45 mm inlet, 39 mm exhaust), bronze-beryllium valve seats and guides, 3 angle valve seats.

Group4 air filter and 80mm trumpets. Group 4 exhaust manifolds. Free-flow Group 4 exhaust. Upgraded engine mounts.

Max power: approx. 265 Bhp@7800rpm, 28 Kg/m@4500rpm
Transmission Rear wheel drive layout. ZF Limited slip differential. Lancia late Group 4 five speed, fully synchronized using late Group 4 synchromeshes, dog-leg 1st gearbox.

Group 4 clutch shaft and cascade gear set, Group 4 cascade gear cover, interchangeable ratios.

Gear ratios - speed at 8000 RPM (depending on cascade gear set):
1:3.143 - 56.3 or 70.38 or 82.62 Km/h
2:2.24 - 78.99 or 98.74 or 115.92 Km/h
3:1.762 - 100.43 or 125.73 or 147.37 Km/h
4:1.417 - 124.88 or 156.1 or 183.25 Km/h
5:1.154 - 153.34 or 191.67 or 225.02 Km/h

Final drive ratio: 3.824:1

Choice of alternative idler gear set ratios:

A: 0.937:1, B: 1.1:1, C: 1.375:1

Plate-based ZF limited slip differential set at 40%

Group 4 sintered-metallic dual-plate hydraulically operated clutch.

Group 4 high ratio rack and pinion steering, 2.5 turns lock to lock. Adjustable steering ratio.
Suspension Front: Fully rose-jointed layout. Independent super-imposed group 4 strengthened wishbones lower track control and reaction arm, Group 4 Bilstein telescopic dampers and height-adjustable Group 4 Eibach coilover springs. Group 4 adjustable anti-roll bar

Rear: Fully rose-jointed layout. Independent McPherson struts, Group 4 hub carriers, Group 4 Bilstein telescopic dampers and height-adjustable Group 4 Eibach coilover springs, single lower inverted strengthened wishbone plus radius arm. Group 4 adjustable anti-roll bar
Brakes Front: AP vented disks (267 mm, 28mm), Group 4 AP/Lockheed fixed 4 piston (piston Ø 44,45mm) monobloc aluminum calipers, Pagid yellow (RS19) pads

Rear: AP vented disks (267 mm, 28mm), Group 4 AP/Lockheed fixed 4 piston (piston Ø 38,1mm) aluminum monoblock calipers, Pagid black (RS14) pads

Dual circuit, dual Girling master cylinders with adjustable ratio, no servo assistance, steel-braided Teflon brake hoses.
Chassis Monocoque steel and space-frame construction with integral roll-cage. Fiberglass body. Sand blasted and corrosion protected body
Wheels/Tires 8"x15" Campagnolo, 205/50ZR15 front, 225/50ZR15 rear Pirelli P Zero C tires 8"x15" Campagnolo front, 12"x15" Campagnolo rear wheels, 18/60VR15 front, 26/61VR15 rear Michelin TB15 tires 8"x15" 3 part Speedline front, 12"x15" 3 part Speedline rear wheels, 225/50ZR15 front, 285/40ZR15 rear Pirelli P7 tires
Dimensions Length: 3710mm

Width: 1750mm-1810mm depending on the rear cover used

Height: 1100-1200mm

Wheelbase: 2180mm

Front track: 1433-1490mm depending on wheels used

Rear track: 1457-1570mm depending on wheels used

Dry weight: 790Kg

Fuel capacity: 2 tanks totaling 80lt
Performance (works) 0-100Km/h acceleration: 4.1 - 5.8S depending on idle gear set

0-400m acceleration: 11.6S

0-1000m acceleration: 24S

Max speed: 153 to 225 Km/h depending on idle gear set
Miscellaneous Group 4 dashboard, mechanical instruments. 4 point Sabelt quick-release harness, early style Group 4 lightweight fiberglass panels.

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