Toyota Celica ST165 GTFour (1987-1989) specs

Engine Type 3S-GTE. Cast iron block, aluminum head construction. Transversally mounted.

1998 cm3 , water cooled in-line 4, 185 Bhp@6000 rev/min, 240 NM@3200rev/min.

Bore: 86mm, stroke 86mm compression ratio 8.5:1. Toyota CT26 oil lubricated , water cooled turbo (0.7 bar max. pressure) and water/air intercooler. 2 OHC belt driven and hydraulic tappets. 4 valves per cylinder (50°). Oil cooler. Electronic fuel injection (Bosch L-Jetronic licensed ).
Transmission All wheel drive. Central viscous coupler, Torsen rear differential. Epicyclical center differential with 50-50 % F/R distribution. Final drive ratio 4.285:1
Five speed fully synchronized gear box.
Gear ratios - speed at max. RPM:
1: 1:3.583 - 43 Km/h
2: 1:2.045 - 76 Km/h
3: 1:1.333 - 117 Km/h
4: 1:0.972 - 160 Km/h
5: 1:0.731 - 213 Km/hReverse: 1:3583Single dry plate clutch.
Suspension Front: independent strut located by a control arm, coil springs, anti-roll bar, telescopic dampers.

Rear: independent strut located by one trailing link and two lateral links, coil springs, anti-roll bar, telescopic dampers.
Brakes Front: Vented disks (254 mm) floating 2 pot calipers.

Rear: Disks (265 mm) floating 1 pot calipers.

4 sensor ABS
Steering Power assisted rack wheel and pinion, 2.9 turns lock to lock
Chassis Monocoque steel construction.
Wheels/Tires 7½"x16" wheels, 195/60 VR 14 tires
Dimensions Length: 4365mm

Width: 1690mm

Height: 1295mm

Wheelbase: 2525mm

Front track: 1465mm

Rear track: 1440mm

Laden weight: 1350Kg
Performance (works) 0-100Km/h acceleration: 7.7S

Max speed: 215Km/h

0-1000m acceleration: 28.2S

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